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General Information about Divorce Modification in Utah

After a divorce is final and a decree is entered, the court still has authority to make modifications to the terms of the divorce.  The former spouse who wants to modify the terms of the divorce must file a petition to modify the divorce with the judge.  Most modifications deal with custody and parent time issues.

Significant Changes of Circumstances regarding Divorce Decree in Utah

Before the judge will grant a motion to modify the divorce, he or she must find that there has been a significant change of circumstances and that the change would be in the best interests of the children.

A significant change of circumstances occurs if one of the former spouses has moved, if one of them has remarried, or if the income of one of the former spouses has changed significantly.  These are only illustrations—there is no limit to the number or kinds of changes which might justify a petition to modify.

If the judge finds that there has not been a significant change of circumstances, it cannot grant the petition to modify.  Even if there has been a significant change of circumstances, the judge cannot grant the petition, if the change which the former spouse is requesting is not in the best of the children.  In order to determine whether the change would be in the best interest of the children, the judge must examine the individual circumstances of the former spouses and the children.

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