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General Information About Paternity in Utah

Paternity is the process of determining whether a man is the father of a child borne by a woman he was not married to.  If a man and a woman are married, the husband is presumed to be the husband of any children borne by the woman.

Paternity Actions in Utah

A paternity action may be brought by the man or the woman.  Men frequently bring paternity actions to make sure that they can be a part of their child’s lives and that their rights will not be disregarded.  Women bring paternity actions in order to establish the parentage of their children and to make sure that the father meets his responsibilities to the children.

Process of Establishing Paternity in Utah

Paternity can be established by an agreement of the parties.  If the parties cannot agree on whether the man is the father of the children, the judge will probably order a paternity test.  Modern tests can establish whether a man is the father of a child almost to a certainty.

If the judge determines that a man is the father of a child, the man has all the rights to parent time and custody that a married father has.  The father also has all the responsibilities a married father has, including the obligation to pay child support.

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