In Utah, you can choose from a number of grounds for the divorce.  The grounds are listed in Utah Code Ann §30-3-1, and they are:

(a) impotency of the respondent at the time of marriage;

(b) adultery committed by the respondent subsequent to marriage;

(c) willful desertion of the petitioner by the respondent for more than one year;

(d) willful neglect of the respondent to provide for the petitioner the common necessaries of life;

(e) habitual drunkenness of the respondent;

(f) conviction of the respondent for a felony;

(g) cruel treatment of the petitioner by the respondent to the extent of causing bodily injury or great mental distress to the petitioner;

(h) irreconcilable differences of the marriage;

(i) incurable insanity; or

(j) when the husband and wife have lived separately under a decree of separate maintenance of any state for three consecutive years without cohabitation.